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I still get very afraid of being alive… I am still prone to thinking I need some way to protect myself from it. I need a house of bones or I need a drink … I need something that will keep me safe from judgment, from sadness, from feeling at all, from being alive… Some days I am like, I am so tired of dealing with this brain that is like, ‘why am I so scared?’

I seem to have this idea that someone out there knows how this is done. Someone out there knows how to be a person in the world and do it right and not be scared. I have not met this person yet. I hear there’s no one like that. I hear we’re all awkward, and insecure, and our feet fit us funny… and people are really messy.


- Marya Hornbacher (via hyacinth-lady)

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Birth of Venus  Alexandre Cabanel(1863) - details

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